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The Bongοs Resort is located on the northern coaster road in the village of Maleme, in Chania! It’s perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the sea and the chilling mood of a traditional quite small village. In close distance there are many beach bars, restaurant and clubs. Let’s say… it’s in the middle of the coastal road to Chania, not far from the city and not far from the popular beaches Falaserna and Balos. You are everywhere!

The Bongos Resort is a new renovated resort which was designed by a group of friends who decided to introduce a new style for vacation based on our philosophy of life! What’s that? Chill and Enjoy Life! Our facilities can offer you that: A spacious living room, to enjoy your coffee, to read books from our libraries and work from your laptops. Moreover, our garden is perfect to enjoy your morning, sleepy hammocks and nature mood! A Greek breakfast with 100% of local traditional food, visit us to taste and learn our culture, so here we are!!

The treasure at the Bongos Resort…our chilling Roof garden, designed especially for yoga lessons before and during the sunset! Close your eyes and enjoy Yoga!

Of course, all day you can have access to enjoy our roof garden and have your sunbathe! During the night our bar will offer you chilling cocktails under the stars! So, Visit us and let us to take care of you!

Location: Maleme, Chania, Crete
Distance from airport: 35.9 km – 39min
Distance from the city center: 18.7 km – 26 min
Distance from the Port of Souda: 24.5 km – 26min
Distance from the hotel to the Beach: